How to Get the Best Cold Weather Armor in Conan Exiles (2024)

Armor sets in Conan Exiles can come in many different variations. Obviously, the player dons armor to protect themselves against living threats. But as they continue to travel, they must adapt to atmospheric changes, especially when it comes to harsh weather conditions. At some point, you’ll need to travel to the north, with the best cold weather armor quickly becoming imperative to your survival.

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Continue reading this guide to find out which set is best to beat the snow with cold weather armor in Conan Exiles. The Exiled Lands is not a kind place to get involved with, though we must do what’s vital for our journey after being saved by Conan himself, after all.

How to Get Cold Weather Armor

There are several armor sets that will come equipped with weather-resistant qualities in Conan Exiles. They come in different weighing aspects that basically categorize them from light to medium and eventually heavy. We’ll focus on all three for this guide; one for each category to assist all players.

Before we focus on the individual light, medium, and heavy variants, let’s kick things off with a simple fix for the breezy areas. For starters, one of the very basic sets you can get is the Vanir Settler, which only requires a handful of ingredients.

To begin, you’ll need to be at least at level 40 to unlock the Nordheimer Armors Feat. This will teach your character all three levels of the Vanir Settler, starting with the light one. The medium and heavy levels will require more effort from you due to their insane qualities with Steel and Heavy padding. With the light level, you’ll just need Fur (x15) and Light Padding (x1) materials.

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Essential Crafting Materials

Fur is easily obtained by skinning savage beasts like wolves, elks, lions, boars, and Yetis. Light Padding is crafted by combining Twine with collected hides, for those who haven’t experimented yet. Once you have both ingredients, you can start making your first cold weather armor set.

With Fur, you can make the Vanir Settler Vest, Gloves, Breechclout, Boots, and Jewelry. This cold weather armor will provide 5 cold resistance for when you travel to frozen lands. In addition to the cold points, you’ll also get 10 heat resistance for when the sun is too much, and +5 Grit to help boost your stamina. Its base armor is set at 51.

The Vanir Settler set is just one of the many armors that provide both cold and heat points. This one is easy to make, meaning that there are other cold weather armor sets with more points. For example, the Black Corsair set provides 15 cold resistance points, but that kind of luxury lies only in the individuals of the Black Hand. And the Zingaran Freebooter set needs layered silk, feline pelts, and perfected light padding.

So if you need to start with something small and simple to make, stick with the Vanir Settler set. It’s always good to have a cold weather armor set at bay for when the temperature drops.

Best Light Cold Armor

As you level up, you’ll need to be more cognizant of the given armor types that Conan Exiles offers. Whether you need cold weather armor for extra protection or are curious about other styles, we have three to keep in mind, with one for each type. We’re looking at available armors that are current in the base game, so you won’t see any DLC sets for suggestions here.

Beginning with the Light variant, we went with the sinister-looking Abyssal armor set. It comes with the Boots, Gloves, Helm, Leggings, and Mail with a base armor at 1,000. With all five pieces equipped, players can rely on a 20 resistance range for cold weather; the same applies for the hot lands as well at 20.

It’s a type of mystical armor that is conjured through the Circle of Power. We can get this after learning about the Basic Sorcery Knowledge to help teach us Abyssal Armor.

Expert Tip

It’s an established fact that consuming alcohol can keep you warm; this also applies to all Exiled warriors who roam the Exiled Lands. If you ever need a boost in staying warm in Conan Exiles, consider mixing yourself a few drinks for the road: Absinthe, Firewater, Honey Whisky, Mulled Brew, and Pirate Rotgut. All of these have qualities to warm you up whenever you encounter cold weather.

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Best Medium Cold Armor

Medium armor sets usually fall within the standard ranges of protection and stats that won’t be too low and too high in power and structure. There are plenty of medium sets to choose from, but we went with the Seklos Cultist Master’s set. It comes with Handwraps, Hood, Robe, Shoes, and Skirt with a base armor established at 480.

Whenever you assemble all layers of this cold weather armor, you’ll be granted 25 cold resistance to complement the 10 heat spectrum for the hotter quests. It’s great for all basic survival needs, and it only requires a few resources that can easily be obtained. We’ll need to learn the Exile Epics Knowledge to unlock the master armor set in question here.

However, if the dark sorcery isn’t your cup of tea, we also went with the brighter set for the Pride of Aseir. The complete outfit includes Boots, Chestpiece, Gauntlets, Helmet, and Leggings, with a 420 base damage to rely on. It provides the same cold and heat resistance as the Skelos Cultist Master’s set.

This particular set can be assembled through the Frost Temple Smithy in the high north of the game. Both Exile Epics and Hardened Steel Tools must be learned through the Knowledges section. The temple also possesses Black Ice crystals for you to mine and collect.

Best Heavy Cold Armor

For the ultimate stretch of protection in Conan Exiles, stick with the popular Godbreaker armor set. There’s no going denying its immense durability status and base damage, with the latter stacking to 1,320 with all five pieces: Boots, Grips, Helmet, Leggins, and Plate.

Of course, you’ll need to acquire the previously-mentioned Exile Epics Knowledge to begin. Additionally, you’ll also learn how to craft the Rusted and Chilled Godbreaker sets to boot.

From here, it’s all a matter of discovery and seeing what set works best for your character(s). Durability, set weight, and perks all come into consideration for the armor outfits listed above. In the end, it’s all about what works best for your adventurous conditions. The cold winds can be mean, so be vigilant when it comes to potentially getting frostbite in Conan Exiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the potion for Cold Resistance in Conan Exiles?

Players can consume the Vehemence Elixir to stay warm. It causes the skin to essentially burn when exposed to cold weather. To craft a Vehemence Elixir, you’ll need Water-filled Glass Flask (x1), Alchemical Base (x2), Crimson Lotus Powder (x5), and Frost Lotus Powder (x5).

In addition to cold weather armor, what do you need to survive in the cold?

If you’re planning on venturing through breezy weather for a while, consider finding yourself an epic armor set. The name suggests it all – it’ll offer the best of the best in the Exiled Lands. Consuming food and liquor will only provide temporary status effects.

What warms you up in Conan Exiles?

Any consumable that comes equipped with the Warming Up status effect will essentially provide the player with positive body temperature changes. It’s the direct opposite of Cooling Down, though it does appear throughout the Drunk states that liquor can offer.

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How to Get the Best Cold Weather Armor in Conan Exiles (2024)


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